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About Rhythm2Recovery

Rhythm2Recovery delivers therapeutic programs and professional development, that utilise fun and engaging rhythmic musical activities to support social and emotional development. Based on the latest neuro-science.
This approach has been shown to support increased emotional regulation, improved social connection and reduced levels of anxiety and other elements of psychological distress.

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The Rhythm2Recovery Model

The Rhythm2Recovery format is an integrative model of practice combining experiential therapy techniques with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) influenced by the third wave approaches of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Positive Psychology (PP). These newer cognitive approaches are strength based, and focus less on exploring problems and more on finding solutions. Although the R2R model owes much to the influence of these new cognitive approaches, it differs critically in balancing the cognitive with experiential, thus reducing the reliance on language, while simultaneously creating a safe and often uplifting therapeutic experience. Developmental & neuro-imaging studies show that for many people who enter therapy, highly active primal brain areas (limbic system, brain stem) are driving behaviour while the thinking, rational part of our brains (frontal lobes) are less active. (Van Der Kolk, 2014).


Additional Information on the Rhythm2Recovery model

Canadian Rhythm2Recovery

Leah was happy to join the team in 2023. Learn more about Leah and her role in Rhythm2Recovery. 

R2R Testimonials

Shelley Stark, Principal, Royal Heights Elementary School, BC, Canada

“An energising, inspiring and validating workshop with practical application for my work."

Koreen Bennett, Counsellor/Teacher/ Head of Student Services – Queen Elizabeth High School, Edmonton, AB, Canada

"Nothing short of awesome. Excellent for both classroom and counselling use. I am looking forward to bringing this back to my school."

Marlen Brajak, Teacher, Surrey School District, BC. Kwantlen First Nations (Coast Salish)

"An amazing tool to draw out kids from all walks of life, and also for parents – safe, fun and practical."

More R2R Testimonials

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