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Livin' in Rhythm Therapeutic Drum Circles

Why Rhythm?

Rhythm permeates all areas of our lives, from our time in the womb being comforted by our mother's heartbeat to the rhythm of the changing seasons. Merging teachings from the ancient understanding of the power of rhythm with modern scientific research, Mardi and Leah craft rhythmic events with knowledge, wisdom and love.


Livin' in Rhythm programs reduce stress, allow for self-exploration and provide a safe place to connect to peers authentically. Whether it's a small community gathering, a corporate workshop or an ongoing group, Livin' in Rhythm believes in serving others by customizing one-of-a-kind therapeutic drum experiences. Their mission is to bring healing and joy to the world by supporting individuals to discover and embody their own unique rhythms.

Community Programs

Corporate Programs

Group Programs

Customized to Fit Your Needs

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